Foodbanks and the Christian Tradition

Interesting post here – it kind of captures something of what I was trying to say in my last blog, and takes it much further! I like where it goes – but despite recognising the fundamental bankruptcy of capitalism and the need to speak out against it, there is still no clearly established alternative here.


4 thoughts on “Foodbanks and the Christian Tradition

  1. he speaks strongly, doesn’t he? And talks about what he doesn’t like about the current system rather than what might be better. Apparently he’s writing an academic paper on an alternative to capitalism, and will then put up a blog about it, so I’m looking forward to reading that!

  2. Food banks offer three days of food only – this alone is surely not ‘propping up the capitalist conspiracy of austerity’? I’d suggest not.

    And are austerity measures just politically convenient? Again I’d say mostly no, I fully imagine that the current government will use the opportunity of cutting back further than is simply justifiable from economics alone, but that the spending of the state and of individuals needed to be modified is surely without question.

    Whilst some people who are paying the price of the greediness of bankers and the collapse in a apparently unsustainable housing market are not those that were the cause – that’s life isn’t it. We live in a society and often this works for us, but sometimes – like now – it works against us. We leave the Chancellor, and banks to do their thing ‘on trust’ because we don’t want to have an input into every area of life which impacts us, we want to specialise in what we do best. This time, we were let down.

    Society should look after the poor – God calls us to this, but he also calls us to good stewardship and that seems rarely if ever to be the model followed by our current socialists. It would be great for their to be a fiscal middle ground between left and right, but sadly this is not offered to us. The ‘Liberal’ middle ground is morally unsound – so who am I left to vote for…

    1. on the one hand, three days of food is not ‘propping up the capitalist conspiracy of austerity’, but on the other hand, offering a food bank voucher to someone whose benefits have been sanctioned makes the whole thing more palatable and staves off the outcry. And I’ve seen enough people whose benefits have been sanctioned to know this is not only something which happens to devious benefit cheats. For more on this see the new report from CUF
      I think that austerity pretty much is politically convenient – I’d like to see a politic based on the values of people first not deferring to big business. I’ve written more about this in my latest post.
      As to who you should vote for, good question! Look at how they treat the most vulnerable and powerless and see if that helps you decide. Maybe the Labour Party will sparkle after their Autumn conference!

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