About this blog

Blogging feels like part of a journey, which started before any of these posts, and will continue long after. I worked in the health service for 15 years, before a combination of family needs, internal politics, and changing priorities helped me make the decision to leave. One driving force was the growing realisation that socio-economic inequality is responsible for considerable health inequality. Without poverty, many of my patients wouldn’t have been in hospital. And poverty also has a detrimental impact on recovery. I needed to be at the other end of the problem, and this desire was not limited to poverty in the UK.

So I got involved with a community debt advice project and completed a Masters in International Politics. This new opportunity to think deeply about issues has given me more questions than answers, and this blog is my attempt to continue to think deeply as well as comment on current issues of poverty and justice. I’m still trying to end global poverty! But change starts with me, so what kind of person do I need to be to bring about change? And what will a fair and just society look like?

About me

I’ve been a Christian all my life, and my faith is integral to who I am. It informs the questions I’m asking, but the questions are also a part of my journey to understand and articulate my faith. I’m married to a Church of England clergyman. I’m a mother of two, one just into and one approaching teenagerhood. We’ve just relocated from Liverpool to Sheffield, so I’m navigating that too. Come with me on my journey of faith and justice and let’s see where it takes us.



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